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ALORA NATURALS True Greens Unflavoured

ALORA NATURALS True Greens Unflavoured

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Alora Naturals - True Greens Unflavoured - 400 400 gr Grams - NPN: 80078275 -- True Greens is an all-natural super blend of phytonutrient dense plant foods that include organic chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa juice, barley grass juice, wheat grass juice and oat grass extract. True Greens offers a wide spectrum of concentrated fruit extracts that are well known for their high antioxidant levels. Ginkgo biloba, grape seed and green tea contribute to improved circulation, cognitive function and enhanced memory. Incorporating True Greens in your everyday routine will enhance your energy levels, reduces stress levels, help prevent oxidative damage in your body, help your body to alkalize, and help you maintain healthy immune function. Most green drinks use the cheaper whole grasses that still have the grass fiber present. This provides less of the nutrients present in the grasses and leaves a gritty mouth feel. True Greens contains only the more expensive high quality juices from the organic grasses, offering more nutrition while mixing better and digesting easier. One serving of True Greens has a nutritional value equal to 6-8 servings of whole fruits and vegetables. True Greens contains nothing artificial, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. True Greens contains no corn, gluten, lactose or refined carbohydrates (sugars). It is sweetened with a small amount of the plant extract stevia, which has no effect on blood sugar.Increases Energy, Reduces Stress Lebels, 8, 000+ ORAC Value Per Serving, Detoxifies & Cleanses the Body, Helps the Body to Alkalize, Supports Good Health & Longevity.

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