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CANPREV Joint-Pro Concentrate (500 ml)

CANPREV Joint-Pro Concentrate (500 ml)

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  • Helps to reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis,
  • Helps to protect against the deterioration of cartilage and form collagen.
  • Liquid form for optimal absorption
  • Description

    CanPrev - Joint-Pro Concentrate - 500 MilliLitre(s) - NPN: 80085524 -- Our joints make walking, bending, sitting and even writing possible. Keeping them flexible and fluid as we age is important to avoiding the pain and stiffness that can set in from overuse and inflammation from diseases like osteoarthritis.CanPrevs Joint-Pro Concentrate is a complete joint pain relief formula made with hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine in a liquid form for optimal absorption and a more versatile dosing method. These naturally occurring compounds are critical components of cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments and the synovial fluid that cushions the joints. Devils Claw, Ginger, Curcumin and Boswellia will work synergistically to reduce pain and swelling.

    INGREDIENTSEach tablespoon contains: Hydrolyzed collagen (bovine) 1800mg Glucosamine sulfate 1500mg Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 750mg Ginger extract (zingiber officinale) rhizome, 8:1 100mg Ashwagandha extract whole plant, 5:1 200mg Devil's claw extract (harpagophytum procumbens) root tuber, 4:1 500mg uC3 Clear? (curcumin, curcuma longa)* 50mg Boswellia extract (boswellia serrata) resin, 10:1 100mg Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) 50mg Zinc (TRAACS? Zinc Bis-glycinate Chelate) 15mg Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 30mg
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